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We use three types of waxes so that we can accommodate various skin types. A Hard Wax is used for hard to reach places. A Soy-based Wax can be used at body temperature for the face. A Cream-based which is used for bigger areas but is still gentle even on a sensitive skin.


In providing these services, our goal is to help you achieve more healthy, radiant and younger looking skin. Danne Montague-King and Marie Veronique products; and our facial services are personalized for your specific skin type and individual needs. 

Makeup Consultation

At Angelica B Beauty we believe in natural beauty in all aspects.  In enhancing one’s own beauty with special makeup application techniques, along with using products that are natural and more eco conscience. We are one of the first shops in all of San Diego to carry an assortment of green beauty lines that still deliver high performance for any makeup lover like us. 

 B Beauty Benefits

First Time Client Brazilian

Receive a special price of $30 (regular price: $50) 20% gratuity will be automatically be included .

First Time Facial

Receive 15% off your choice of DMK Deep Cleansing Facial or Marie Veronique Organic Facial. 

Loyalty Program

Multiple discounted services No commitments or automatic monthly charges! 

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Our skin is the biggest organ of our body! That is why it is so important to take care of it. You only get one skin for all of your life, so why not take care of it. Today I will explain one of the most important steps in your skin care routine. Exfoliating. The...

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Ladies, we know a bold lip can be intimidating. Some of us don’t feel confident on the application and some of us just don’t feel comfortable wearing such a bold color. Well we are here to help! This is why we created a short video to help all of you feel confident in...

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