Welcome to October!!! I just love this time of year! the weather, the holidays, and the Pumpkin Spice coffee! Yes Please

This month we are focusing on the “Eyes”. The eyes are such a special feature, because they are so beautiful and we need to take care of them. We highly recommend that even if you do not have many skincare products, you should always have an eye cream. Stay tuned for our recommendations for the month of our amazing selection of eye creams.

And of course lets play up our eyes to enhance our natural beauty! We are also so excited to announce that we are introducing https://ritueldefille.com/ Ritual de Fille to our selected products. They have such a beautiful selection of eye products that we are so excited to try on you. So Book today your Eye Express Consultation for $20 and then use that $20 on your favorite products! We hope to see you this month.







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