Have you ever been shamed for having a one night stand? Do you notice changes in your sex drive, but are not sure why it’s happening? How do you practice self discovery? ✨ 

All of these questions & MORE will be discussed with our lovely panel of experts Dr Jill McDevitt(sexologist), Therese Clark(Creator or Lady Suit), Angelica Sele(Founder of Angelica B Beauty), and Teresa Payton(Esthetician)  - at our LADY TALK event with Lady Suite 💃🏻 Any Question is welcomed Ladies! Let us not sit back and keep quiet anymore! Lets share our experiences and create a community of strong women who want to break the mold of stigmas with women sexuality! ♥️  
Small Bites/Guest Speakers/Cocktails/Giveaways

Therese Clark:

Angelica Sele:



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