Our skin is the biggest organ of our body! That is why it is so important to take care of it. You only get one skin for all of your life, so why not take care of it.

Today I will explain one of the most important steps in your skin care routine. Exfoliating. The reason this step is so important is because it helps with cell turnover. It’s our skins job that results in the state of our skin. When cell turnover is fast, we have youthful looking skin. When cell turnover is slow, we can see much more aging in the skin. So obviously the goal is faster cell turnover.

You have two options, you can either book a Deep Cleansing facial with us, where you can just lay back and we will do all the work, or you can purchase the products from us, and do it in the comfort of your own home. The goal is to do this mask once to twice a week. So for most people, exfoliating at home is much more convenient. Here is a video we created to help you see how easy it is.

Remember that your skin needs love also. I see so many of us going to the gym, eating organic, and even a yoga class at night; but when asked, when is the last time you put on your mask? We really have to think about it. The lazier we are with our skin, the lazier our results will be.

Remember we are always available for a consultation. Just go online and book a skincare consultation. The deposit required all goes towards your products that you take home. It is the best investment you can make.

Products Used:

Deep Pore Cleanser is recommended for normal to oily skin, deep pore is a botanical, non-alkaline cleanser that is designed to cleanse the skin without drying. Formulated with natural astringent and deep cleansing ingredients, deep pore flushes embedded impurities and helps keep pores tight.

Foamy Lift masque works to gently exfoliate, remove impurities and debris, as well as brighten and tighten the skin. foamy lift allows you to maintain optimal skin functioning between DMK Treatments. Use in combination with exoderma peel for DMK’s best at home skin conditioning masque.

Exoderma Peel A gentle exfoliating formula that helps exfoliate dead, dry skin cells, exoderma peel provides a quick exfoliating and skin tightening treatment. Suitable for most skin types, exoderma peel is twice as effective when used with foamy lift to create an at home enzyme masque.

Herb and Mineral Mist infuses your skin with the instant blend of vitamins, minerals and trace elements contained in DMK’s signature spray. herb & mineral mist is the binder for all DMK facial products which, when absorbed into the skin, facilitate tissue hydration and the deep penetration of DMK crèmes and serums. herb & mineral mist combined with seba-e initiates barrier repair therapy. This mist can be sprayed over make-up to brighten and wake-up tired skin.

Beta Gel Serum fights acne and irritated skin with DMK’s signature formula. This transdermal serum is packed with potent beta glucan plus vitamins B and C for maximum performance. Beta glucan has been shown to stimulate the skin’s inbuilt immune system and also work as a potent antioxidant against destructive free radicals that cause premature ageing. beta gel serum can help reduce swelling, redness and inflammation almost immediately by boosting the skin’s immune defense system, allowing healthier skin cells to fight back. Beta gel may be beneficial for slow healers and those who suffer from premature ageing. Beta gel can be applied directly to the skin and can be used around the eyes.

Hydroloc Moisturizer locks moisture into dry, flaking skin with this powerful lubricant. Natural sealants allow moisture to penetrate deep into the skin while it also acts as an excellent barrier repair crème for those who work outdoors and require extra protection and superior hydration.



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