You can never express too much self care. That is why we’re featuring our other model from February, Ambry, this month to talk about self care and self love from her own perspective. We had spoken about the same topics with Patricia last month, but that is the greatest beauty of self love: no two peoples forms of self care have to be the same. We all have our own wants and needs, but what is important is to cater to them and show ourselves that we care.

What do you love about being a woman?

What is there NOT to love? Woman are built to be compassionate, yet strong.  Be vulnerable, but persevere.  Be delicate, but also resilient.  Being a woman means to be undeniably yourself! We all have qualities that no man can ever truly display or even comprehend.  We are intricate creatures, but creatures of beauty.. inside and out!

How do you show yourself “self care” and “self love”?

To be honest, pampering myself (i.e. waxing, painting my nails, tweezing my eyebrows, etc.) is how I like to show myself care and love.  Women tend to put themselves last when it comes to loving/caring for others from relationships to family and work, that we never think about ourselves.  Just taking ten minutes out of my day to do something that makes me feel beautiful goes a long way because rarely doI ever have time to even eat!  But in the end, just being by myself and indulging myself shows that I am the only one that can nurture my own body and mind - and that is gratifying!

In what ways do you feel you could be nicer to yourself? Not only your body, but emotionally as well.

There are so many ways I could be nicer to my mind, body and soul.  I most definitely could eat healthier by just adding more veggies and fruit to my diet. I could go for walks as a form of exercise/meditation to help myself have more clarity.  But lastly, I can look myself in the mirror more and just be thankful and happy at what I see. As weird as it may sound, but by telling myself positive statements in the morning can go along way as it is training your mind to believe something everyone else already knows/sees.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned along the way that you feel woman should know? 

I think Eleanor Roosevelt said it best: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”  I think every woman (especially those who grew up with social media as a staple) should know that you don’t need anyone’s “like”, “comment”, or heart emoji to feel validated.  The mind is such a powerful tool that the more you understand your worth, the more you will soon to realize that the only person you are trying to really gain approval and love from is yourself.

Why do you think it’s important to support local women owned businesses like Angelica B Beauty?

I believe local business means genuine business.  Local businesses are not only seeking profitability, but I truly believe that their real motive is to provide the best product for their neighborhood.  Local businesses understands more about what their neighborhood lacks and looks out for the betterment of their community!  Without businesses like Angelica B Beauty, I don’t think San Diego would be able to nurture more strong, independent and beautiful woman. Angelica B Beauty provides authentic service while creating an environment where clients become family.

Love, Ambry



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