We are very excited to share our second installment of our “Client Chronicles”! This month we’re focusing on #selflove. Self love comes to each of us in different forms. Wether it be having a bubble bath, take the time to mediate, or just listening to your own intuition, you should take the time out of your day to show yourself you care. Our client Patricia, was kind of enough to give us some insight on how she shows herself #selflove and her relationship with her womanhood.

What do you love about being a woman?

Holding the power. As women- or as individuals that identify with the feminine- we are historically devalued and viewed as inadequate or weak by society. I love the concept of breaking barriers. We are nurturers by nature and that energy inherently brings passion to anything we do.

How do you show yourself “self care” and “self love”?

For me, wellness is the most prominent form of self care and self love. Paying close attention to your bodily wants and needs, breaking away from the noise of everyday, finding time and space for quiet flow. We’re all so busy in our personal and professional lives along with our creative pursuits that self care and self love rituals should be a non negotiable part of your daily routine. A ritual of mine that I can’t imagine parting with is getting up before the sun rises, making a pot of tea and doing some jade rolling before journaling. 

In what ways do you feel you could be nicer to yourself? Not only your body, but emotionally as well.

Mindfulness. Mindful in your practice. Mindful of your intentions. Mindful of your behavior. Cut unserving ties. Avoid becoming stagnant. Hold yourself accountable for growth. (and acknowledge, but don’t dwell on shortcomings!) Lay out boundaries. Drink water. Get outside. 

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned along the way that you feel woman should know?

Make a genuine effort to self reflect. Get comfortable with being alone- you’ll learn so much about yourself. Nothing worthwhile becomes tangible if you don’t have grit. I feel very alive when I realize my life’s work will be coming back to myself; who I’ve always been and haven’t known.

Why do you think it’s important to support local women owned businesses like Angelica B Beauty?

Nothing beats connecting with a community of likeminded individuals. I’m a strong believer in “voting” with your dollars and supporting businesses that align with your values is empowering.


x, Patricia

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