Our clients are truly at the heart of what we do…

They’ve allowed us to be the successful business we are today and have been great sources of conversation. Each of them have their own story and sometimes we’re lucky enough to hear it. This is our first installment of the AB Beauty: Client Chronicles. 

Every month we’ll focus on a client who has been kind enough to share some their thoughts on being a woman in this day and age and even some of the challenges. Our questions will change throughout this series based on our focus, so this installment focus on the “Strengths & Struggles of Being a Woman.” Sometimes being a woman is hard, but it’s a journey we should always be supporting each other through. 

Our first installment features our amazing client, Shanika. 

What do you love about being a woman?

“I love being a woman because we are nurturing and strong. We care so deeply about our loved ones and community” 

Was there ever an experience where you didn’t love being a woman or were made to feel less than?

“As a woman of color, the ideal forms of beauty made me feel less than. Growing up, I constantly saw images of skinny white woman with blue eyes and blonde hair. I was made to think that this image represented all beauty. I no longer believe this, and have a lot more confidence in myself a main reason for that is because I realized that I am enough. Also, the beauty industry is becoming more diverse and body positive, so hopefully all young woman will see themselves represented in the stores they shop at or the magazines they read.”

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned along the way that you feel everyone should know?

“The most valuable lesson I have learned in life is that you should never get your sense of worth from outside yourself. It took me almost all my life to love who I am. I spent years feeling insecure because I was not seen as the ideal form of beauty or I was never noticed by the boys I had crushes on. Although my friends and family consistently told me how amazing I was, I never believed them. After years of putting myself down because of how others perceive me, I had finally had enough and said to myself, “I am enough!” I hope that all women realize they are enough and do not need others approval.” 

Why do you think it’s important to support local women owned businesses like Angelica B Beauty?

“I think it’s important to support local woman owned businesses like Angelica B Beauty because of what they stand for. The more we support businesses that want to uplift women in society, the more society will uplift women.”

- Shanika 

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