Happy April, beauties! This month we’re really focused on LISTENING. And listening in more ways than one. Sometimes it can be difficult to listen to what we need both physically and mentally, but we should always remember to be kind to ourselves. Our client, Sydney, gave some insight on ways listening is important to her.

What do you love about being a woman?

I love the inherent tribe that comes with being a woman, while there is also a huge range in what being a woman means. The status quo of what being a woman means is ever evolving, and the kinship and admiration between women only continues to grow.

What do you feel passionate about? Something you want people to listen to?

As a speech pathologist I’m extremely passionate about everyone having a voice. Whether yours is loud or meek you have a right to be heard. Saying how you feel and standing up for yourself is so much easier said than done. But everyone has a right to communicate and how you choose to exercise your right is up to you.

How do you feel you could be a better listener? (Listening to your body, your intuition, to others, etc.)

I could do a better job of listening to my body and mind of what it is trying to tell me, instead of just thinking of all the ways that’s I’ve failed or come short. Changing my perspective from “I did that poorly” to “now I know how to do that better” could benefit me and my patients in a much more positive way.

Why do you think it is important to support local businesses like Angelica B Beauty?

I have to say that Angelica B as a business is incredibly supportive to its clientele. The respect and care that I receive from the girls at Angelica B, is unlike anything I’ve received from a chain. Angelica B is a great example of why I love living in north park. It’s a community that supports itself and going to Angelica B makes me feel closer to my adopted home.

Love, Sydney

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