If you’re like me, the fall season makes you feel like changing up your makeup look. Something about the theoretical season changing in San Diego has me wanting to wear something a little more bold. I love a good berry, brick red, or mauvey nude when it comes to the lips. But with the weather changing and getting a bit colder and dryer, we want to make sure your lips are ready to be more BOLD.

Like any canvas, you want to make sure you prep and prime. I start off with an exfoliator to get the dead skin off and extra smooth so it’s ready for the lip color. To exfoliate, I love using the Henne Organics “Lavender Mint” Lip Exfoliator. The sugar base is what’s going to be the exfoliating factor, but mixed with the Jojoba, Coconut, and Lavender oil will have you lips feeling extra soft and nourished.

Next step in lip care would be a good balm. Even though the exfoliater will have some hydrating benefits, you’ll want to make sure your lips have all day hydration while you’re reapplying your bold lippie. My recommendation would be the Ilia Beauty “Balmy Days” Lip Conditioner. It’s the same buttery texture as the tinted ones we have in the studio, just with out the pigment. Balmy Days is going to work really well with whatever bold lip color you choose.

Now on to the good stuff: THE COLOR! What I love about a bold lip is that it can really vamp up any look. I love wearing a bold lip with a really simple eye. Minimal shadows for a really clean look, combined with the bold lip, makes it so it’s not so overpowering. My bold lip of choice at the moment is from our new brand, Rituel De Fille. I picked their Enchanted Lip Sheer in “Bloodroot because it’s a super unique deep orange hue. You can definitely give it one layer for a more sheered effect, but I like to apply a few layers so it’s more vibrant and has a little more pop.

Don’t be afraid to try something a little more bold. Sometimes it makes you feel a little more empowered and can give you that kick of confidence you might be itching for on any given day. Come by the studio and we can find a bold lip that you’ll definitely feel AMAZING in!


- Taylor // Angelica B Beauty Makeup Artist


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