Ladies, we know a bold lip can be intimidating. Some of us don’t feel confident on the application and some of us just don’t feel comfortable wearing such a bold color. Well we are here to help! This is why we created a short video to help all of you feel confident in achieving that perfect bold lip.

Why a bold lip? It pulls your entire look together and most of the time, it just makes us feel pretty! As women, we all have those days where we just need a little extra umph. The beauty of lipstick is that it does wonders for under $25!

Sam, our makeup artist says, “days you don’t feel like putting on a full face, put on a bold lip, mascara and walk out the door.”

We carry different brands and shades of lipstick that we can guarantee will fit your unique style!!

At Angelica B Beauty, our number one goal is for every lady to feel beautiful as they walk out of our door. A perfect bold lip will do just that! Come in and let us help you pick the perfect color that matches your skin tone. Purchase your lip color with us and we will sit you down and help you apply it. That way when you get home you feel confident to put those lippies on.

Please come join us January 20th at the Women’s March. Angelica B Beauty will be there and we would love to stand together with you and your families in support! As a team, we have decided to all wear a bold lip to show our solidarity to women rights. We invite you all in to pick your bold lip color here at Angelica B Beauty


Step 1: Exfoliate with Henne Lip Exfoliator to remove all dead skin, dryness,  and texture.

Step 2: Apply Henne Lip Balm to moisturize the lip and create a smooth surface to apply your lipcolor.

Step 3: Line lips with a lip brush for the perfect definition. Apply lip color all over, and perfect with lip brush again to achieve that flawless look.



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