We love FUR here at Angelica B Beauty! We also love Brazilian Waxes which is why it makes sense they go hand in hand!

Our bikini area is a part of the body that we need to pay closer attention to. FUR helps with that. It hydrates the hair and the skin, reduces inflammation, and prevents and eliminates ingrowns. To use, apply liberally on clean skin and hair every day. Great right after waxing, shaving, or laser removal, which most ingrown solutions are not. Most other solutions have harsh chemicals in them and should not be used right after waxing because they can irritate the skin. Fur is so natural and gentle that it can be used immediately after.

The natural formulation is gently antiseptic, antimicrobial, and reduces inflammation. The light citrus scent disappears within minutes and the oil is residue free.

We had a little fun with this video. We hope it makes you giggle 🙂







Fur Oil $44

FUR Stubble Cream $34

FUR Ingrown Concentrate $28


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