The importance of a facial is not just how it makes your skin feel amazing,  it’s how it makes you feel about yourself!

It gives you that “healthy skin” confidence. Reality is that as much as we want to get a facial, we may not always have the time. The beauty of being a woman now, is that we have options. We can have a career, be a mom and have your own business. But where in all of that, do you have time to get a 60 minute facial?!

Here at Angelica B Beauty we have created the Ritual Facial for the modern woman. A place that you can hide from all the demands of life and just be yourself. A place where you can unwind, have a moment alone and improve your skin at the same time. The Ritual Facial is a 30 min treatment where our skin experts will apply a mask on you, specific to what your skin needs. After that you will relax in a lounge which we carefully curated to help relax you. Once the mask is ready to be washed off, we have created a step by step skin regimen that follows.

We hope that this facial can help make skin maintenance a reality in your life. Make your “Ritual Facial” appointments today.


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