September is here and its all about Complexion!! As women if we look good, we feel good! And that is why Angelica B Beauty is here. We are always available to help you feel your very best. With complexion, it definitely is a process. To create a healthy canvas, you should always have a skincare regimen to help you achieve your goals. So for example, if your skin concern are sun spots that have been appearing on your skin lately, then your skincare regimen should have products that specifically target that. Using products that don’t cater to skin care concerns can sometimes be doing more harm than good. That is one issue that I see so often. I ask my clients their skin concern, and then I ask them what products in their regimen target that issue, and they discover that none of them do. We have to remember that skincare is just like weight loss, you have to work for it. You cannot just come in for a facial once a month and expect all your skin concerns to disappear. A facial is like an appointment with your personal trainer, and your skincare regimen is your daily work outs that you do in between. You don’t get the results you want without doing the work. We’re here to guide you in the right direction.

Once your skincare is on point, then we can just have some fun enhancing your complexion with makeup! Makeup is never meant to cover up all your skin concerns, it is meant to enhance your natural beauty. From highlighters to bronzers, the complexion world has a lot of options. Here at Angelica B Beauty, we will always try to give you the best makeup consultation that works with your skin and your lifestyle! Book your appointments today with our makeup artists and we will show you how to make your skin look flawless and still highlight your natural beauty.





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