Immerse yourself in the life of a master esthetician


Waxing is the heart of esthetics. The ever-evolving industry has so many new and innovative services, at the end of the day, waxing will always be a constant service that is neither fad nor trend. Proper waxing technique and practices must be mastered as a leading esthetician.

This class is unlike any other class you will find! In other waxing classes, students simply observe a Brazilian and then do a hands-on Brazilian with a group of other students. At Angelica B Beauty, students will receive one-on-one attention and be immersed into the life of a master esthetician for 2 days — not only to learn technique, but to experience how “everyday business” at an esthetics studio functions.

  • You will observe 2 clients with different hair growths, where Angelica will share with you her technique step by step.
  • Two models will be provided for you where you will begin your hands on training.
  • Feedback will be given to you at the end of each service and compiled together at the end

We will also review:

  • Prep- and Post-care for clients
  • Tools and supplies needed
  • Common obstacles and solutions
  • Safety and sanitation

This is a 2-day class which includes two actual hands-on models and two observation models. The cost of this class is $600.

You must apply and interview in-person. Please send an email to stating your interest. We will follow-up to coordinate an interview. Applicant must be a “good fit” as they will be part of Angelica B Beauty for two days. Successful students that demonstrate passion and skill may be asked to join the Angelica B Beauty team.

Requirement: Must have valid esthetician or cosmetology license.

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