You can often hear us talking about someones “Skin Journey” on instagram, emails, etc. But what exactly do we mean by “Skin journey”?
Just like the journey we call life, your skin can go through its own ups and downs. But the most important thing to recognize is… NOT EVERYONE’S SKIN IS THE SAME! You also should not treat your skin like anyone else’s. For example: “I’ll just use what my sister uses because she likes it and her skin looks good.” Our skins needs are so different from the next persons. That’s why we have the “Prep Facial”. The “Prep Facial” allows our estheticians to evaluate your skin and customize the facial based on your own unique skin needs. It’s the perfect first step for someone that has had issues with their skin but never really knew how to take care of those issues. This facial acts as the building block to start on your very own skin journey!
Similarly to life, your skin doesn’t always benefit from the decisions you make for it. Sometimes, you try to take shortcuts with those drugstore products to make it a little bit easier on yourself. Even the high end brands you buy at department stores may not have what it takes to get you to your dream results. You may even get lazy down the line and not even bother with skincare. This is a big NO NO! Skincare cannot be something you get lazy about. You invest time and money into things you believe will benefit you in the long run, and your skin is no different! This is why we believe so strongly about our skincare, like DMK, and why we’ve conducted skin studies on clients, so you too can see why investing in good skincare is so important.
Our client, Audrey, was our “Acne Series” client. She was struggling not only with the acne, but was also concerned about the overall texture of her skin.  After months of intensive work and many many facials, we’re very happy with the results! As Audrey’s skin started to progress, you could tell it was overall so much more healthy looking and way less congested. Although the Enzyme and Deep Cleansing facials did wonders, Audrey’s at home regimen was equally as important to her amazing results. This comes from being consistent with the DMK products we recommended and not deviating from the regimen.
“ I honestly haven’t been this confident in my skin in such a long time. It feels amazing to be able to wear no makeup and still feel really great. I owe a lot of this confidence to the girls at Angelica B Beauty. They were really great about walking me through the whole process and making sure I knew what was happening with my skin. They’re really the best group of gals!”
We hope that this truly illustrates what the magic of good skincare, combined with expert guidance from our estheticians, can create. We always welcome any questions or concerns and always vow to guide you into the right direction for your skin. The most important part is to TRUST in us and know we can help! Book your “Skincare Consultation” (if interested in skincare) OR “Prep Facial Consultation” (if interested in starting a Prep Facial) today. The health of your skin truly impacts your confidence and the way you feel about yourself. If we can help in any way, please let us know. We can’t wait to start you on your Skin Journey!

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