Our mission at angelica b beauty is to enhance each client’s natural beauty. Creating a sense of community to empower and support each other as women. To educate, promote, and share that true beauty is what comes from the inside.



At ABB we are known for a good wax and our signature technique. We use a combination of three types of waxes that we customize for each clients unique needs, hair growth and skin type. A hard wax is used for those tough and hard to reach places while a cream-based wax  is used to take care of bigger areas while still being gentle, even on the most sensitive skin. Lastly, our soy-based wax can be used at body temperature for places like the brows and face. All waxing clients must complete and submit a Client History and Consent form before any service may be rendered. 

Blooming Bush

We want you to feel beautiful -tamed or untamed. Bush or no bush. Take care of your lady, anyway you like! Light trim, one easy strip on each thigh and a magical drop of Fur Oil to condition and moisturize your beautiful bush. $20 


Exactly what it means! This option removes everything just outside the bikini line and a light trim on top to leave you feeling well groomed and clean. $35 (Loyalty Program: $30) 

Bikini Plus 

The Bikini option with an emphasis on the PLUS. Get a trim on the top, tighter wax on the sides and inner backside as well! $45                      (Loyalty Program: $35) 


Our most popular service for good reason! Get ready to be as slick as a dolphin. The Brazilian Wax removes IT ALL! Come in full bush and leave as hairless as when you entered this world. We are known for our signature style that  makes this wax as quick and painless (as removing hair from the root can be). Brazilians are for females only. *Customize your Brazilian with landing strip.* $55 (Loyalty Program & First Time Client: $40)


Eyebrow Wax 

Chin Wax

*Upper Lip and Chin

Lip Wax

*Full Face 

*Sides of Face 


Half Arm

Full Arm

Eyebrow Tweeze

Nose Wax 

Ear Wax 

Forehead Wax 

Neck Wax 

Fingers & Hand

*Not Recommended the day of a Facial

$25 (Loyalty Program: $20)
















Full Back

Lower Back



Upper Leg    

Lower Leg

*Full Leg 

Chest wax

Back of Upper Thigh 

Inner Thighs

Knee Wax 

Toes & Foot 

Breast Wax 

Nipple Wax 

*see leg wax prep tips below
















All waxing clients must complete and submit a Client History and Consent form before any service may be rendered.

Some advice…

Pre-Wax Preparation
  • Ensure that hair is at least 1/2 inch in length. This is very important as it allows the wax to grab onto the hair.
  • Exfoliate the area that will be waxed. This ensures that no hair is trapped in the skin, resulting in a silky smooth finish. We recommend Wyld Body Sponge 
  • Do not apply lotion to the skin before your waxing session.
  • If you have low pain tolerance, I recommend taking a few ibuprofen 15-20 minutes prior to your appointment.
  • Lastly, discontinue any aggressive skincare product which contains Retin-A, Accutane, or any type of acne prescription.

Post-Wax Care

It’s completely normal immediately after your wax for there to be a little bit of redness and a heat type rash to appear. This should disappear after a few hours. Because waxing removes the hair at the root, it’s important that you keep the area clean and bacteria free.

  • No sunbathing for at least 12 hours 
  • No swimming in a chlorinated pool/spa/sauna for 24 hours
  • Avoid applying any topical lotions for at least 12 hours 
  • Avoid touching the waxed area to ensure it remains bacteria free
  • We recommend Fur Oil or Lady Suite Botanical Oil to each client to ensure no bacteria is in the area and to also hydrate and calm the skin

A few days later (Days 3-10)





How long will my wax last?

If this is your first time or you occasionally wax, you will likely notice some new hair growth within 1-2 weeks due to the naturally staggered hair growth cycle. Regular waxing will leave the area hair free for 2-4 weeks. Over time the density of hair will start to decrease as well.

Leg waxing prep

 Getting ready for you first leg wax with us? Here are some easy tips to make sure your legs get the most out of their new favorite service. 

 Ditch the razor and let the hair grow for at least a couple of weeks. Like your Brazilian, we need an ample amount of hair to make sure we get a nice clean wax. It will definitely be worth it. 

 Don’t forget to exfoliate! Exfoliating with a loofah will help all of those stubborn hairs come to the surface. It  will also make sure they don’t spring up after the leg wax and cause unwanted stubble. We recommend doing this in the shower to open up those follicles. 

 Keep your legs hydrated leading up to your wax appointment! Doing so will keep the hair from breaking as well as less irritated after the wax. But skip the day of! Too much moisture can make it more difficult for the wax to cling to the hair. 


Are you ready for your smoothest legs EVER?



The Essentials// Start your skincare journey with ABB. Every facial is customized to you, your skin type, and special needs. 

We are proud to offer skincare consultations to help get you to your skincare goals. Our estheticians are full of knowledge and have the education to guide you through your skincare journey, no matter how basic or complex it may be. Each 1-on-1 consultation consists of a personal and private conversation with your esthetician to help address YOUR skincare concerns and get you the results that you want. 


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A little TLC for you and your skin. Refresh yourself with this 50-minute facial. Great for any client looking to treat their skin. This multi-step process is meant to rejuvenate and nourish your skin, making it appear healthier. Get ready to glow with The Refresh Facial. 

Great for any skin condition (Acne, Aging, Hyperpigmentation, or Reactive)

This treatment includes:

  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliation and extractions
  • Mask
  • Hand and Shoulder Massage


 $95 Full Price    

$85 Loyalty Price 

$76 First Time Client Price

*10% off all products purchased after service. 

*Skincare consultations always recommended for clients that are looking for optimal results. 

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Wanna take care of your face and get some great extractions but don’t have time in your busy schedule? Created for the girl on the go, this quick 25-minute facial is just what you need to get in and out and back to your busy day! Squeeze in some self-care with The Quickie Facial.  

Great for very mild congestion. If skin condition is more severe we suggest ABB Skincare Clinic. 

This treatment includes: 

  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliation and extractions
  • Skincare
$50 Full Price  


10% off all products purchased after service. 

*This is not meant to substitute our Refresh Facial, as the results will not be the same. 

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This 50 minute facial is the perfect combination of clean beauty and results driven!

Not only can you feel safe with all the products that we are using, but you can always trust that you will see a positive change in your skin. We are proud to use Marie Veronique products that are the pioneers of the clean beauty movement in skincare. It’s for the client that is looking for something more natural and is still focused on improving their skin.

Great for any skin condition (Acne, Aging, Hyperpigmentation, or Reactive) 

This treatment includes:

  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliation and Extractions
  • Mask is applied while receiving a hand massage

$110 Full Price

$100 Loyalty Price

$85 First Time Client 

10% off all products purchased after service.

*Skincare consultations always recommended for clients that are looking for optimal results. 

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Specialty Facials// 


Designed for teenagers up to the age of 16, who are dealing with hormonal acne or want to get a jump on how to properly take care of their skin. This 50-minute facial will help your teen learn and develop good skincare habits that will benefit them for a lifetime. Get your teen’s skincare kickstarted while they’re young for results that will last with The Teen Facial.    


 Great for teens with mild acne. If teen has more severe acne we suggest ABB Skincare Clinic. 

This treatment includes:    
    • Cleanse
    • Exfoliation and extractions
    • Mask  
$95 Full Price  
$85 Loyalty Price 


 *10% off all products purchased after service.  

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We’ve got your back with this facial! Ideal for congestion, discoloration, and overall balance in the skin. This 40-minute body treatment is designed for your back to address mild issues related to acne, hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone. Give your back a little love with The Back Facial. 

This facial is appropriate for mild congestion and issues. If skin condition is more severe we suggest ABB Skincare Clinic.  

This treatment includes:   

  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliation and extractions
  • Mask  

$95 Full Price
$85 Loyalty Price 

 10% off all products purchased after service.  


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*About Microdermabrasion and Purelight Therapy

Microdermabrasion removes epidermal cells and flaws from the skin to trigger repair, promoting the skin to produce more collagen and elastin proteins. In turn restoring skins original glow. The Silhouette has a patented “Turbo Flow” which guarantees the most comfortable treatment and the best results. Purelight Therapy is a new revolutionary treatment that uses natural visible light spectrum at a specific wavelength. It is both natural and non-invasive. Purelight helps both acne and hyper pigmentation.

Brides & New Moms//

We take pride in catering to all women. For this reason we have created services to help celebrate special moments in any woman’s life.

Take a moment for yourself. Being a mom for the first time or of one more addition can be the most beautiful time of your life, and can also be the most stressful. It can bring out so many emotions in you, both good and not. This facial is for you. It is 60 minutes of just time for you. You were an individual before becoming a mother, and you will continue to be an individual after. Don’t forget about yourself. Don’t forget to ask us for your WileyBody special gift before leaving.

During pregnancy and after the skin can change a lot due to hormones. This facial is a perfect way to evaluate and start the process to get the skin back to its optimal state. All products are safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Great for any skin condition (Acne, Aging, Hyperpigmentation, or Reactive)

This treatment includes

  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliation and extractions
  • Mask
  • Hand massage

$95 Full Price

$85 Loyalty Price

50 Minutes

*10% off products purchased after service. 

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We take pride in catering to all women. For this reason we have created services to help celebrate special moments in any woman’s life.

As your big day approaches, we want to make sure you are absolutely ready and feeling beautiful. We’ve created a Bridal experience customizable to the unique style of every bride. Take care of any beauty needs you may have including waxing, tanning, lashes, makeup, and facials with us at Angelica B Beauty! Get the ultimate bridal GLOW. As an added bonus, enjoy 15% off product you purchase for the big day or the shenanigans to follow on the honey moon. Can’t wait to celebrate YOU! See you soon. Contact us for pricing. 


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We are proud to announce we are now offering Spray Tans for your convenience. It was very important to us to offer our clients a clean option, but yet not compromising the end result. Sun FX is an organic Spray Tan Solution without all the smells that you can get with other options, but that still delivers that beautiful natural golden tan.

  • All-natural tanning solutions

• No alcohols, no artificial preservatives, no parabens, no perfumes, no odors

$45 Full Price

$35 Loyalty Price

$30 First Time Client Price 

(Develops in 8+ hours)  Perfect option for the client that will come tan and go home to sleep. 

Rapid Tan $10 add to pricing

(Develops in 4-6 hours) Perfect option for the client that need to tan quick and does not want/have that much time.


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Prior to receiving your SunFX spray-on tan, we recommend you cleanse & exfoliate your entire body.
It’s important when exfoliating that you pay particular attention to rough skin areas like knees, ankles, heels and the tops of your feet as dry areas tend to absorb tanning solution faster, which can result in an uneven looking tan. Exfoliating prior to receiving your spray tan will help greatly to eliminate the top layers of dry and dead skin and leave your skin fresh and ready for your ultimate tan!
 It is also best to shave or wax at least 24 hours prior to receiving your spray tan if possible.
On the day of your spray tan, we recommend that you avoid the use of deodorants, moisturizers, perfume, and make-up if possible as these may inhibit the effectiveness of the SunFX tanning solution.
We recommend that you have dark, loose-fitting attire to put on after your tanning application as some minor rub off can occur.
When getting your spray on sun tan you may wear as little as you like or a full bathing suit.
If you want your SunFX spray tan to last longer then you should try to avoid:
Long baths and hot spas
Extended swimming sessions in chlorinated water
Any product that is designed to exfoliate your skin
If you want to extend the life of your tan even further then we would recommend continuing daily hydration of your skin.


Put that mascara away ladies! It’s time to look and feel glamours. Feel confident leaving ABB and get ready to bat those fluffy lashes. At ABB trust that you will always be in the best hands when it comes to your lash extensions.  We put the HEALTH of your lashes at top priority, along with giving you killer lashes that stop traffic. For that reason we have chosen to work with Borboleta. These lashes are faux mink, making them look and feel natural. These lashes will make you feel like they are your very own ! Not to mention the clean adhesive glue that is paired with the lashes. No need to worry about eye sensitivities with this glue. 

We offer three lash extension styles: Classic, Hybrid and Volume. 

Classic is a more natural look, making your lashes look like they’ve been coated with a generous hit of mascara. Hybrid is a full and wispy look. Giving the eye some density with a touch of fluff! Volume is full and glamorous look. Get ready to make those eyes pop and feel fearless in those zoom calls. 

 Not sure what your style is? Book a FREE lash consultation with Samantha. She will asses the state of your lashes, taking into consideration your eye shape and desired style to give you a recommendation for the lash set that’s right for YOU.

 $130 Classic Full Set            

 $150 Hybrid Full Set

 $195 Volume Full Set 

  $60 Classic Lash Fill

 $75 Hybrid Lash Fill

 $99 Volume Lash Fill


$45 Bottom Lashes

 $35 Lash Removal


*Ask us about our First Time Client Promo. This includes a full set of lashes with 2 fills, one fill is FREE. A savings of $60-$99!!!


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Before Your Appointment

 Please be sure to arrive to your appointment on time and with a clean face. It’s important to remove all make-up, as any make-up residue, can lead to difficulty in applying the lash extension, and may shorten the retention of the lash. 

*If you wear contacts, please remove them before your service and bring your glasses for after your service 

 After Care 

 Do Not: 

  • DO NOT get lashes wet for 24 hours after your service
  • DO NOT use any mascara on lash extensions 
  • DO NOT use any waterproof eye makeup (mascara, eyeliner)
  • DO NOT pick your lashes


  • DO brush lashes daily to keep them separated, fluffy and looking good
  • DO cleanse lashes daily using Borboleta Lash Foam Cleanser and Clean Swoop Brush (available in-store)
  • DO expect 3-5 lashes to fall off daily, with your natural lash attached or alone

    **Fills are recommend every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking their best**

Lash lift 

Say goodbye to your lash curler with a lash lift! Lash lifts are a new lash technique that lifts your lashes from the root up, giving you length and curl for a seriously eye opening effect. Great for clients looking for an alternative to lash extensions. This low maintenance lash service lasts 6-8 weeks! $80

Lash lift with color 

The same service + MORE! Lash lift with color darkens your natural lash color giving your lashes an extra POP! Great for clients looking for an alternative to lash extensions. This low maintenance lash service lasts 6-8 weeks! $100

Lash Color $25

Eyebrow & Color $45

Lash Lift & Eyebrow Wax Combo $45

Eyebrow Color $25

Lash Lift & Eyebrow Wax Combo $100

Lash Lift, Eyebrow Wax & Color $115


Pre & Post care:  

Before appointment:  

Come to your appointment with a clean face and no makeup 

After appointment:

  • DO NOT get lashes wet for 24 hours after your service
  • DO NOT go to the gym, enter a sauna, or use a blowdryer for 24 hours after your service
  • DO NOT use any waterproof eye makeup (mascara, eyeliner) 


The following day, ONLY rinse lashes with water! 


  • DO use an oil-free wash to clean your eyes and lashes 
  • DO use Borboleta Lash Serum to help strengthen, moisturize and darken your natural lashes (available in-store)
  • DO allow 6-8 weeks to rebook your next lash lift. This allows time for the lashes to fully grow out, keeping them as healthy as can be.



Makeup Consultations

At ABB, we are passionate about natural beauty in all aspects. We want to make you feel beautiful and fierce in your skin! Makeup is fun and meant to be played with. We believe in this whole heartedly and love guiding our clients down a journey of enhancing their own, natural beauty rather than covering it up! All of our clients are so beautiful in their own unique way, we are here to teach you makeup application techniques specific to YOU, things to look for when color matching, and the importance of going clean without sacrificing high performance. We are makeup lovers too and use the products we carry every. single. day! We take pride in the products and only carry the very best for you! We are proud to offer a variety of shades for every one, and every shade 🌈

Book your makeup consultation today and start your clean and green makeup journey!


Everyday Makeup Look Ideal for the client that is looking to vamp up her everyday look or the girl that has a special event and would like something more natural. Includes complexion, eyes, lips, and eyebrows. Lashes not included $45 and 10% off all product you purchase following your appointment .

Full Look Consultation

Ideal for the clients that has a special event and wants to look all dolled up! Full Look includes complexion, eyes, brows, and lips. Lashes are included. $60 and 10% off all product you purchase following your appointment.

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